Helen Ellis


Have you read this woman's book "Eating the Cheshire Cat" ? It is so wonderful. I want to know if she has published anything else..does anyone know?

>>By Neva   (Sunday, 26 Oct 2003 19:11)

Yes, she has written:
"The Proceedings of the Archibald MacLeish Symposium"
"Archibald MacLeish: A bibliography"
"Structures for Composition"
"Exploring Literature"
Although I don't think any of these books sound as good as "Eating the Cheshire Cat" was.
And I agree. The book is amazing.

>>By XxSuicide_NotesxX   (Thursday, 11 Dec 2003 18:09)

Isn't it an awesome book??? YOu need to read "Summer Sisters" by judy blume. IT is one of her "grown up" books. it is also VERY good!!!!!! Let me knw what you think and if you can duggest an y books!

>>By tigerlilly   (Friday, 21 Oct 2005 05:01)

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