i love her she is one of the best authors. her books are the best ive read in a LONG time i hope she keeps writting for a long time im a huge fan shes ten times over better then any buffy!!

>>By heather pettit   (Thursday, 17 Apr 2003 00:05)

The books are not only a great read they have layers and depths which are only seen once you re-read them. A real world is also a place with layers and depths not seen without retrospection. I think this is one of the reasons her realities are so very real.   (Sunday, 11 May 2003 22:41)

I have read many sci.fi/ horror/ fantasy novels and my favorite author was Stephen King. Untill now I had thought no one has even come close. LKH is the best author I have read to date! I can't wait for the 12th book of the Anita Blake series.

>>By L S H   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2003 02:26)


>>By Friebs   (Tuesday, 17 Feb 2004 03:23)

LKH is one of the most talented writers I've ever read. Her plots draw you in, and keeps pulling at you, so that you must know what happens next. I can help but keep reading, even if it makes me dead tired for work. I can't wait for the next book in the Anita Blake series; Edward *drool*.

>>By Penitio   (Sunday, 1 Aug 2004 22:43)

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