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I recently finished reading "EON" by Greg Bear (published in 1985), and came across some provocative ideas in the book's "Epilog".

The following is an excerpt from "Epilog Three/ Pavel Mirsky:
Personal Record":

"There are Ways where the beings of thousands of completely
different universes hold commerce, exchanging in some cases only information, in other cases actually exchanging different types of space-time. Is it possible to conceive of the potential that would exist between two universes of differing qualities? Would that potential be called energy?"

Perhaps one has to read the book to appreciate what the author means by a "Way" which connects different universes.

In any case, "Eon" is a very imaginative work by a very imaginative author. The only serious flaw is that the author could not imagine that the Soviet Union would collapse so soon, only a few years after "Eon" was published. The author expected that the Soviet system would survive indefinitely into the future (WAY into the future!).

--- Bill A

>>By Bill A   (Tuesday, 23 Nov 2004 16:49)

Eon was an awesome read, i wanted to get the prequal and sequal but as to no avail as i believe they were discontinued.

>>By IanM   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2008 13:15)

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