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I love the series but had to wait for a friemd to recommend it. I don't normally judge books by covers, but the hideous cover art marketed on the series in Australia had kept me at bay for years. Does anyone know who the characters are supposed to be in the smaller panels on the front?

>>By steven park   (Wednesday, 23 Apr 2003 05:48)

I don't know who they are but I thought the cover art for hte first book was better than the one for A Clash of Kings or the first volume of A Storm of Swords... =D

My stab is Eddard Stark even though I pictured him differently; more lean and with lighter hair but anyway... I'm not sure about the woman on the left though. At first I thought it was supposed to be Cersei but she's supposed to be older and not so blue. But she *does* look cold there at least.

Now I'm just waiting for a Feast for Crows =D

>>By Katherine   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 07:08)

Yeah, it's spposed to be Edard and Cersei (Catherine Stark?), but they're not particularly accurate (it's the read the first fifty pages and then make a cover out of what's happening style of cover). Book two is supposed to be Robb Stark and Melisandre.

>>By Xiaolong   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 08:32)

Oh, I love the books! I haven't read the third book as yet (I've ordered it and am waiting for it). But the thing I like the most is cruel realism... There are no evil characters there - some people are selfish, greedy, or mean, but they are not evil as in... Evil.

>>By Dieda   (Thursday, 26 Feb 2004 02:47)

I think the woman is supposed to be Daerneys. I thought it was Cersei for a while, but as far as I remember, she's blonde. Dany has platinum coloured hair.

>>By AndreasOSearcaigh   (Saturday, 10 Apr 2004 18:08)

i love GRRM cant wait on the feast of crows....maybe by crimbo *crosses fingers*

>>By Vans   (Saturday, 7 Aug 2004 14:04)

Has anyone read the hedge Knight? and can anyone shed some light on the whole issue between Eddard and Robert in the first book? (the death of Lyanna? the apparent kidnap of Lyanna and the murder of Eddards Father and Brother). I know how they died, but I want to know the circumstances surrounding their deaths..

>>By AndreasOSearcaigh   (Thursday, 9 Sep 2004 15:18)

I think that Mr. Martin captures humans entirely to well. As Dieda mentioned not one character is evil in any dark incarnation type of evil. They can be judged to be evil but Martin shows that their motivations are the same as those that drive anyone. Case and point I would love to hate the Imp, but he seems to much like some people that I know. (And perhaps partly like me) Still need to get ahold of Storm of Swords.

>>By Maestra   (Sunday, 18 Sep 2005 03:48)

Who do you think would win in a battle...Jaime Lannister or Khal Drogo??

>>By provrb335   (Monday, 24 Apr 2006 13:24)

Khal Drago. Not much of a contest, really.

>>By Verb   (Tuesday, 5 Dec 2006 20:43)

Did you hear that they are going to be a series on HBO?

>>By jwils   (Monday, 28 Jan 2008 00:04)

So, I hear. A HBO Miniseries would be good, and apparently Martin intends to write one of the scripts himself. But it's still in the early development stages.

So, SPOILERS follow for anyone who is not up to date...

How does everyone feel about the speculation on Jon Snows parentage? Eddard refused to comment on it, and never denied or confirmed any of the rumours. He'd lose his temper even with Catelyn whenever she asked him about it.

>>By Xprimntl Lvr   (Friday, 4 Jul 2008 14:47)

I'm pretty sure Eddard's sister Lyanna Stark and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen are Jon's parents. I developed the sneaking suspicion in the first book that Eddard wasn't Jon's father, but had no idea who it could be. As I read through all the other books, my opinion is that Eddard is definitely NOT Jon's father. Eddard never actually calls Jon his "son" but refers to him as having his blood. After re-reading each of the books, I've settled on Lyanna and Rhaegar. More is revealed in the later the books that requires going through the earlier books again. It hasn't been revealed yet, but there are so many clues. I've read all the available books and am just biding time for the next installment. Who know's, I may be way off on this, but it just feels right to me, plus I've got $100 riding on this!
And yes, the HBO series is awesome. Not as good as the books, of course, but I'm a fan nevertheless.

>>By Jana   (Thursday, 11 Apr 2013 21:38)

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