Gavin Lyall


Please excuse 'odd mood.'

Have only a few minutes ago finished reading 'Judas Country' (again), logged onto Google for any latest information on forthcoming Gavin Lyall publications ... and discovered that my favourite fiction author, Gavin Lyall, had in fact died last January. Am ... umm ... well, strangely affected by this sudden knowledge (perhaps also embarrassed that learned of this so late).
Gavin Lyall influenced my everyday vocabulary - perhaps more than I care to admit - and is THE influence of my own feeble attempts at fiction-writing. His aviation novels told of capable, admirable and ambiguous but not always immediately-likeable 'heroes' (always found first-person narrative - even Raymond Chandler's - difficult to read, but Lyall's I read avidly!), whilst both Harry Maxim and Matt Ranklin were ... no, ARE chaps I'd really like to meet, perhaps at Annie's Bar or on the Orient Express.
Shall immediately chambrée a bottle of St.Émilion and enjoy it in remembrance of Mr. Lyall this evening. But then, my Favourite Novels bookrack has already done that for two decades ...

Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this belated obituary/fanmail ... but I have to Tell Someone how I feel ...

>>By John Pasteur   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 19:44)

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