Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Do yo think the "Chronicle of a death foretold is autobiographic?

>>By nina   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:58)

I'm looking for critical evaluations of Marquez. Except for a few passages--almost always about the character Fernanda del Caripio--I found the writing in "A 100 Years of Solitude" rather flaccid, Marquez's celebrated fantasy bolted on and unconvincing. What am I missing?

>>By   (Monday, 24 Mar 2003 23:07)

i really like no one write the coronel, it is better in spanish though

>>By anna   (Tuesday, 13 May 2003 05:32)

I am trying to write a school paper that states the examples in which gabriel garcia marquez uses death and solide in his stories but I only found like two of them.

Can someone help me?

>>By izz   (Saturday, 21 Jun 2003 00:44)

Marquez is one of my great writers .. i like all his work, but the most is Love in the Time of Cholera ( the first book for Marquez i red)

>>By ZoRbA   (Saturday, 24 Apr 2004 23:04)

There is a book "El olor de la Guayaba" english would be "the smell of the Guayaba" its written by Plinio Apuleyo, one of Gabo's best friends. Apuleyo interviews Gabo about his books, his life and thoughts, you can find many clues to understand GGM's stories...

Many people call Gabo┬┤s style "magic realism". Its not far from know, as he says, all the "fantastic" things that happens in the books have a very very real basis, because in our countries, fantastic things happen has more details, our grandparents have lots of stories...Gabo's grandmother told him a lot of ghosts stories, I dont know...lots of year grandmother did the same thing, so unreal for some real for mine...

He is the best one to print this real life in magic words...

>>By patriciatess   (Monday, 26 Apr 2004 07:25)

I've read two of his books, Love and other Demons and A hundred years of solitude. I liked both books. A hundred years of Solitude was an easy read, but extreamly long. It just seemed to go on and on. After awhile of reading I was begining to just read to find out how Ursula would eventually kick the bucket.... and don't tell me the thought hadn't crossed your mind.

I want to say more, but am too lazy to type. Maybe some other time.

>>By OpheliasViolets   (Wednesday, 28 Jul 2004 00:21)

When I read the line about the smell of bitter almonds and love( "Love in the time of Cholera"), I knew I had arrived. I'm thus far quite confused over these literary discussions. I can't think of a more beatiful writer than Marquez. Perhaps those of you who are having difficulty should try something aimed more for your age group, such as "The Firm".

>>By willwrite   (Wednesday, 28 Jul 2004 10:35)

The novel hundred years of solitude has passed into the realms of cliche as the best novel of the century or what ever.
The problem with the readers who cant identify or empathise with the novel is that "they dont have a problem at all".we are all obviously conditioned to think that cartesian rationality and european realism is the so called reallity. when we realise that we have been conditioned into thinking like that , we can understand that there are equally plausible realities outside our own immediately available realms. so we should see that marquez's attaempt is a deliberate one to open up vistas which we havent been able to experienced so far.
it is a parallel history making. it is what the new historians call as the fictionality of history and the historicity of fictions. we should see the voice of a whole culture emanting or finding its voice through marquez. it is true that marquez cant completely escape from the essentially european form, that is the form called novel. the point is how he takes up and subverts the form for his own purposes. so any study about the mere style or form of marquez do not see this aspect. there is a politics behind such kinds of oblivions.

>>By joby   (Thursday, 5 Aug 2004 12:38)


>>By Walpurgia   (Sunday, 7 Nov 2004 19:33)

I've read almost all his books and short stories... it's one of my favorite authors...What I like in his style is what makes him universal. although he writes for his country or for his people it's like hw writes for all the world...because each person has felt or lived once the experiences he expresses...
He opens the doors and you see through your soul...through your eternity...and you feel like u have lived all these lifes...
He's a great master of telling stories...and of writing about love:):)

>>By Felina   (Monday, 8 Nov 2004 10:27)

Who read this book: "Memoria de mis putas tristes" ???

>>By Felina   (Wednesday, 19 Jan 2005 10:23)

many fathomed a messiah accosting central earth from the skies, wading through clouds of pompousness, crowned by a whirl of flying fish

>>By LINZ OF ASTRA   (Thursday, 20 Jan 2005 13:09)

Felina, I read the book. Besides some very erotic paragraphs, I did not like it much. I suppose it is difficult to live up to the expectations of those who enjoyed Hundred Years or The Colonel.

>>By victorsans   (Friday, 21 Jan 2005 22:54)

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