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I'm searchin for Dostojevski teori about people and crimes.. Something he said... Please e-mail me if u know..


>>By Nicklas   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

What exactly is your problem?
Have you read the book?

>>By Leafe   (Monday, 27 Jan 2003 12:38)

I had read a book F, Dostojevski books. Do you think. Is there impossible that differebt people can be in the society?

>>By Agne   (Monday, 17 Feb 2003 15:25)

What do you mean by "different people"?

>>By Leafe   (Wednesday, 19 Feb 2003 20:08)

Why do you think that Fedor is a different guy? I think that he dedicated part of his life to introduce himself to the world like another one person. I see it about his illness, his vicious, his love, his cries, the reality he feels in the lines.

>>By Martin   (Thursday, 20 Feb 2003 05:06)

Well said,Martin.
But still I dont understand what do you mean by "different".
Dostoyevsky is different and that's one of the things that makes him so interesting.But he is different just like any other genius writer or person.

>>By Leafe   (Saturday, 22 Feb 2003 15:37)

What are your opinion about dostojevskij's book, the "dobbeltgænger"?

>>By Lise   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 15:31)

ok...I´ve never bin here....help me!...

I´m reading the book right now....dunno the title in english......but it´s quite complicated to understand =s

>>By Emzzy   (Tuesday, 1 Apr 2003 11:05)

Fjodor is the king his books are the greatest, if you say otherwise ill come home to and ill chop of your legfs by the knees and then ill set your house on fire.

>>By hans   (Monday, 5 May 2003 14:11)

i didnt really meen what i said but i do think that Fjodors books realöly are great sorry about what i said earlier.

>>By hans   (Monday, 5 May 2003 14:12)

I think Fjodor M Dostojevskij is one of the worlds greates person, and he lives still for me. What more can I say about this genius, he could write, I did you know: Dostojevskij learned Knut Hamsun (a norwigian writer of books not unlike those Dostojevskij wrote), to become a "genius". Reader of humans feelings, thoughts and worries, dreams nightmares, love, hate.etc.

It is not possible for me (one have read some of this mans books) to say to one who has'nt read them. READ, ENJOY AND READ THEM AGAIN, AND AGAIN!!!

>>By Fredrik   (Saturday, 17 May 2003 11:28)

My opinion of the book "Dobbeltgjengeren", is, as following:

I'm still reading it, but I can tell what I do mean about it:
I's a very detailed book, not only in prose, but all in all.
He's descriptions is very good.
Goljadkin (the hero of the book) is

>>By Fredrik   (Saturday, 17 May 2003 11:32)

Here is a good link. Interpretion of Dostojevskys the Karamazov brothers and Nietzsche at Berkeley University.
films covering these topics is also recommended

There is also lectures on Heideggers "Being and time" there somewhere, this work is The most important philosophical achivement in 1900 century.

http:// ist-socrates. berkeley.edu/%7Ehdreyfus/7_f02/ html/lectures_7_f02. html

Enjoy ; )

>>By Zarathustra   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 19:32)

Has anyone read House of Dead?.....I'm finding it increasinly difficult to get a hold of.

>>By Pimp Jimenez   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 15:03)

I own it. Wasn't difficult to get a hold of. Perhaps Amazon.com? or a used book store would work. If you live in Southern California I can refer you to some of the better used bookstores.

>>By Warsaw   (Tuesday, 5 Aug 2003 07:28)

i just finished the Idiot. i found something in almost every character that i find in myself. i related to them in such a way that i found the book most enjoyable, very enlightening, and a little bit scary. i've read dostoevsky before and never had this experience. i think i should go back and try again. regardless, dostoevsky gave me an experience that transported me to a place no other author has done. maybe he spoke to me because somewhere along the line we share an eastern european gene that serendipitously looked at itself in a mirror.

>>By maroon   (Saturday, 9 Aug 2003 20:44)

I just finished reading "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky. This book was amazing. I love the way Dostoevsky analyzes people, the way he describes their feelings. The psychology behind his work is incredible and his ideas in and throughout the book were impressive. I'm glad i bought this book and recommend it, it has a great ending. As for me,..i'm gonna go buy me another Dostoevsky book and read it. :o)

>>By ShelbyClanton   (Friday, 15 Aug 2003 12:18)

I read Dostoevsky's four great novels many years ago. Several times each. They were and, to me, still are some of the most brilliant works ever written. I first 'read' about 'Crime and Punishment' in a magazine when I was in school. This magazine had clips about a TV adaptation of 'Crime and Punishment'. A couple of years later I discovered the books. I was never so gripped by anything in my life. He got into the soul of the characters and, in doing so, I felt as if he touched a bit of my own soul. It was moving and, to me, is still the most moving book I have ever read. It's a pity that there are'nt more people nowadays that read these kind of books.

>>By Rajiv   (Thursday, 21 Aug 2003 03:30)

Dostoevsky's characters seemed plagued. Always hoiunded by their own demons. Raskolnikov is hounded by existential angst . Prince Myshkin, Stavrogin in the Possessed as well as a minor character, Kirilov, who commits suicide in the novel because he feels that is the best way to resist. It is interesting to note that in his Myth of Sisyphus, Camus begind\s the book with discussion of suicide. He argues that suicide is the most important philosophical question, because it questions whethere life is worth living. It puts Philosophy itself on the line, since Life and living, for Camus, are philosophical precepts.

Therefore, Kirilov's role in the novel, The Possessed, is to question the importance (or unimportance) of the Nihilists, the group of renegades of whom Stavrogin is the leader. A counter, if you will. An interesting device, when you consider, that he uses death( suicide) to question nihilism (death, in a sense) of the Group.

>>By dionysus   (Wednesday, 5 Nov 2003 23:58)

I thought no one read Dostoyevsky any more, Im glad it is not so. Compulsive behavior in any human endeavour and emotions runs thru his characters like a reason to live , a search for peace of quietness of the soul moves his people to extremes. In aparent contradictions with themselfs and others , they all reach their liberation trough their obsessive actions. Very much like we do today.

>>By triston   (Monday, 10 Nov 2003 16:02)

has anyone read "the double"

>>By papatya   (Friday, 14 Nov 2003 11:49)

unfortunately the booze caught up to charles, but amongst the cigarettes and drink he was in his element.
excellent writer from his poetry to his books. top notch!

>>By fountainhead   (Wednesday, 19 Nov 2003 00:13)

who are you talking about...certainly not dostoevski?

>>By dionysus   (Wednesday, 19 Nov 2003 11:11)

Just heard 'The Idiot" as a radio play, have never read anything, but now I will. The play infuriated me with how characters kept responding to each other with their misinterpretations of what someone had said, and then the response to that would be a further misinterpretation, so that all was misunderstanding. Are we all that bad? I couldn't handle the cynical cruelty of some of the characters, I think I'm an 'idiot' too.

>>By flamencoprof   (Monday, 24 Nov 2003 09:31)

He has being my writer in my younger years.I think I have
read the most part of his books. For many years my favorit book was
" Crime and Punishment ".That sensation of desire and fear,
The need of doing the bad ;the nightmares of conscience,
all the under emotions of lost souls.
After that I've dedicated myself to other writings,but he certainly
have teach me things....

>>By theodoramaffat   (Monday, 24 Nov 2003 11:17)

actually, when I was young, i didn't like to read so much.. and therefore, i couldn't get so involved with reading.. and dostoevsky was, wha, even i didn't want to touch those covers of his books.
but now, i'm 21 and getting very very involved with reading(cause my major is English Lit... anyway)..
and therefore, i can't live without his "notes from underground"
it changed my life better and... well, it made me change my way of life. yeah. well, yeah.

>>By SoLainy1230   (Friday, 2 Jan 2004 14:01)

*smile* this thread is a bit incoherent. If you'd like to talk a little more indepth about Dostoevsky, you might want to visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dostoevsky/ and sign up for this discussion group. We're fairly prolific and get into debates just about every day... I hope that's not so much a testimony to our argumentative natures as it is to say that we are inspired, inspired by the great lover and tormentor of the human soul, and can't help but talk about him.

>>By wren   (Saturday, 21 Feb 2004 22:57)

this has all been a wonderful discussion on old fyodor. but i find it interesting that of all his works, no one mentioned "Notes from underground", perhaps the first modern novel (or novella?) of the 20th century (which, of course, had to be written some time late in the 19th). a fascinating study of a young man who is suffering from just about every psychological disorder and moral malaise that adumbrates the age of anxiety to come. and who, by the way, like most of modern man, revels and wallows, and proudly parades his neurosis before others as if it were a badge of courage. all of which is done to show the absurdity of existence in a modern world devoid of meaning, which is to say, really, what life is like in a world devoid of faith. pestlequix

>>By pestlequix   (Wednesday, 25 Feb 2004 04:54)

I have read his book, named "the idiot" and believe me, i was really impressed by the new world i have discovered there

>>By musicutza   (Thursday, 3 Jun 2004 16:58)

By the way, I have read most of Dostoevsky's works, including 'the House of The Dead', 'The Double'. They are not easy to get hold of. But, like all his books, brilliant. I found 'The Double" to be an extremely disturbing and fascinating book. I think that the old Russian authors were a part of God's gifts to mankind.

>>By Rajiv   (Monday, 14 Jun 2004 05:49)

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