Francine Rivers


Has anyone read Redeeming Love? I thought it was an awesome book. I've read all of her books but two.

>>By Aravwyn   (Saturday, 18 Oct 2003 03:22)

The Atonement Child is a great book for Christians and Non-Christians the same.

>>By bDoll   (Monday, 28 Jun 2004 20:41)

ive read quite a few of her books and i think they are all really good

>>By angel_eyes   (Tuesday, 29 Jun 2004 06:19)

I have read both Redeeeming Love and Atonement Child, and loved them both. I want to find a guy like Michael Hosea and Joe Guilierno. If you like these books, I also suggest books by Lori Wick and Lawana Blackwell

>>By CaitlinB   (Wednesday, 21 Jul 2004 06:32)

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