I've recently discovered the incredible style of J.F. by reading 'The Collector' last week. It impressed so much that I am currently reading 'The Tree' and I plan to read more. 'The Collector' is an impressive book and while reading it I really had the impression of being there, in Miranda's place. Some of the facts there really made me ponder about some things. Maybe most of us are like Frederick, only interested in our own lives, our own desires, without thinking about the others.
I'll return with more thoughts once I have collected them all. I've just discovered this site and I think it's a wonderful idea.
Please tell me some of your thoughts about JF or The Collector.

>>By Lore   (Monday, 11 Aug 2003 19:50)

I thoroughly enjoyed JF's "biographical" book, Daniel Martin. I find his writing style, though rather detailed, engrossing - a sort of old-fashioned kind of book.

Anybody else read it?

>>By Planet   (Thursday, 9 Oct 2003 11:09)

John Fowles is definitely one of my all time favourite writers. The first book I read was “The Collector” which left me in shock. I then moved on to “The Magus” which remains one of my greatest and most rewarding reading experiences ever. If you enjoy his other writings you simply must enter this masterfully constructed maze.
I also enjoyed “Daniel Martin” with its dickensian scope and “The Ebony Tower” very much, while “Mantissa” struck me as a joke taken too far and I am unable to finish “A Maggot.”
My understanding is that Fowles by his own account has written himself out – there is simply nothing more to say. Maybe he doesn’t write at all these days, but I still hope that he will somehow be revitalized and give his fans just one more captivating novel.

Anyone read “The Magus”? Please let me know what you think.

>>By Mann   (Sunday, 16 Nov 2003 21:53)

The Magus, a tour de force. The idea of the Great game of life. Can there really be anything called reality? Is anything real? where does reality begin and where does it end? Poor Nicholas. This is the only book that caused me nightmares. woke up one night in fright, because i had dreamt I was on a boat with my wife, who turned out to be a few men's wife. She was married to several men, and they all knew this, except me, and i found this pout in the boat, walked out onto the deck to see being fondled by her other husbands...

Have you read wormholes, Mann? It is a collectuion of essays and intyerviews.. Vey interesting read.

>>By dionysus   (Sunday, 16 Nov 2003 22:54)

the magus is among the few books that i read over and over with the same curiosity and bewilderment. i liken Nicholas Urfe's situation to Pip of the Great Expectations actually, how you begin with a false premise and then it turns out to be a totally different thing etc. what i like about the book is that it always keeps you alert you never feel safe as a reader.

>>By papatya   (Sunday, 16 Nov 2003 23:46)

I read 'The Magus' when I was to young to grasp it and it somehow passed me by. Recently I read 'The Collector' and the only other author who could make me feel so sick or so desperate over a book is Arundhati Roy (The God of Small Things). It's absolutely stunning. I don't mean that I love being sick while reading, but sometimes it's a necessary and purifying experience. It sure proves Fowles can write haunting prose. I'm planning on taking up 'The Magus' again, I'm sure it'll work better now ...

>>By Aywin   (Tuesday, 18 Nov 2003 17:13)

Haven't gotten around to Wormholes yet but it is on my list of books to read. I am, however, about to start The Magus for the fourth time. I have taken home the original/unrevised version that I haven't read before. Anyone here read it? Which version do you prefer?

>>By Mann   (Tuesday, 18 Nov 2003 22:05)

don't think i know the unrevised version...what a shame.

Aywin...I read Arundhati Roy, and while I realise books have different effects on different people, I am curious to know what exactly turned you on about that book which I had no patience for. But if you are going to answer, let's keep it private, since this a forum for John Fowles

>>By dionysus   (Tuesday, 18 Nov 2003 22:20)

I've just started The Magus and immediately realised it's a perfect topic for my diploma. From the very beginning, both an amazing and horrifing book. All these allusions, truths, suspence...Please, give me some links or titles where I can find info for my essay. Or your own interpretations

>>By justynka   (Sunday, 1 Feb 2004 20:41)

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