Eric Van Lustbader


Can anyone please help me!!!! I am so confused.
I am currently reading (what I thought to be ) the third novel in the pearl saga "The cage on nine banestones". I then read on the internet about another book in the series "The mistress of the pearl". I am now reading such contradicting reports on the internet as to which book is which.
Some site list "The mistress of the pearl" as the third book in the series and some say that "The cage of nine banestones" is the third. Is "The mistress of the pearl" just another name for "The cage of nine banestones"?? Some sites are also saying that "The mistress of the pearl" is the fourth book, but then go on with a synopsis of the third book (which I am currently reading)!!.


>>By blifter   (Wednesday, 9 Jun 2004 01:14)

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