Eric Segal


I'd like to know why u became an author. I just finished reading your book Love Story and thought it was awesome!!! I'm doin a book report and need info. Thank you!

>>By Ashley   (Monday, 7 Apr 2003 01:53)

I read Eric Segal's "The Class" and I believe it to be his book, so far. However, the way he has presented Jews in all his books, it makes me wonder if he himself is a jew? I have nothing against them but I would just like to comment that he has given an extremely biased view when it comes to explaining the events around Jason Gilbert's life in Israel. The way he has written : "PLO was created with the objective of "national liberation" for the people who had NEVER BEEN A NATION", makes me wanna ask him, "well, when were the jews a nation.". As far as my information is concerned Holocaust survivors were transported to this part of the Mid East (the very heart I may add, of Arab and predominantly Moslem area), courtesy of the International Zionist organization, where British Freign Minister Arthur Balfour had suggested a "national home" for the Jews in what i call PALESTINE, others, ofcourse, refuse to accept it's presence.

>>By Sam   (Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003 16:50)

" I read Eric Segal's "The Class" and I believe it to be his BEST book, so far. "

>>By Sam, again   (Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003 16:53)

doctors is his best book .it is so damn well written.the chractor of barney livingstone is amazing.i don't understand the hype about love story ..books like doctors and acts of faith are far more fav book will allways be doctors .it actually inspired me to go in the medicine bussiness.

>>By maria   (Tuesday, 22 Jul 2003 15:22)

I find Eric Segal's style to change from where he started his career who simply weaved the magic around human emotions like in 'Love Story' and ' Man, Woman and Child'.
To start from 'Love Story' to the recent 'Prizes', his style has changed noticably though he has'nt lost the humane 'touch' (the more appropriate word would be 'punch') he delivers in every line he writes. In his recent publications, it is, evident that he spends a lot of time on gathering real time data for his books as he has done in Doctors and Prizes where I suppose he has atleast spent about a year or even more to gather data about medicine and other related fields.
Well recently I read his latest offering 'Prizes' and honestly it was just wonderful. It is a monumental work by a genius. Very well knowing that it is a fiction, I just could'nt stop myself from comparing myself to the characters and just feeling dwarfed by the presence of such people (even if in real life the characters would be just about 50-60% of what has been potrayed) in this world. I just can't stop imagining the paradigms of the human mind which has been rightfully potrayed in the novel by this great author.
I am eagerly waiting for his next release..........

>>By Satya   (Thursday, 15 Jan 2004 06:02)

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