Eoin Colfer


Great writer!

wrote Artemis Fowl, if you haven't read this, you should, it's a great fantasy/action book, and I hear there is going to be another one out really soon!


>>By Maggie McGravin   (Tuesday, 3 Jun 2003 20:02)

There are three books by him that i have,
Artemis Fowl
The Acrtic Incident
The Eternity Code

they ar all artemis fowls, i hope he writes one where artemis gets his memory back

>>By ruby   (Thursday, 31 Jul 2003 18:30)

I have the Artemis Fowl books 2! They are one of my faves!!! I hate, hate, hate the ending of the Eternity Code. The rest of what I've read of his is great!

>>By crzymonkey013   (Thursday, 31 Jul 2003 21:38)

Artemis Fowl is awesome. He is so cool.

>>By Aime   (Tuesday, 19 Aug 2003 06:15)

i love it too its so unlike what you would expect fairies to be like. The opal deception is out now! Opal koboi is back

>>By Crazybeth   (Monday, 5 Sep 2005 19:33)

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