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I am a high school senior doing a research paper on Mr. Koontz and I need some information about criticisms of his works. Can you help me with that or direct me in the right direction?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Meredith Roberts

>>By Meredith Roberts   (Friday, 21 Feb 2003 17:33) one has commented on how GREAT Deans work is...
my favorit is that one..with the train..i cant remember the name of it (witch is sort of embarassing) cuz it was so long ago i read it..but it was so great...
other great ones are whispers, and f*cking creapy..any horror fan will fall in love wit em

>>By DeathsMinion   (Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003 07:10)

An excellent book about Dean Koontz's writing is "Sudden Fear" editied by Bill Munster. Various authors write about Dean's style and his ability to create characters that the reader can relate to. My favorite Koontz novel is "Watchers". Koontz does such a good job creating lovable characters in this novel. It's not the horror in the novel that grips you. It's the relationship that developes between the characters. Though three movies have been made based on this novel, they all stink! None of the movies makes you believe in the characters. All of Dean koontz' novels are good. I haven't read one yet I didn't like!

>>By Don Duckett, Jr.   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 20:15)

There isn't a book of his that I haven't loved. I have been reading his work for years now, and have 20+ novels of his in my collection. I have read all of them at least 2 or more times. My first one ever to read was Twilight Eyes, if you haven't read that one yet, you should. It's awesome. I haven't liked any of the movies based off of his books. They have all been extremly corny and just do no justice to the books. I read one of his release from last year which was "One Doorway away from Heaven" and I just loved it. You can just see how his writting gets better and better through out the years.

>>By DreamZombie13   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 00:16)

I used to be a huge fan of stephan king untill i picked up shadowfires then it was all over for him and on to bigger and better tells of fiction . I have read probably all of his books at one time or another in the ten years that I have been out of school and cant wait for the next one currently I am reading lighting and i can barely put it down .

>>By okiereader   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 02:19)

Is the house of thunder Dean konntz's book

>>By gohan   (Saturday, 11 Oct 2003 01:38)

Yes, it is. Good book, too. My favorites are Twilight Eyes, Lightening, and Strangers. I like that he has real endings to his books that actually tie up the loose ends. I think Stephen King writes a truly scary story, but his endings pretty well eave the reader hanging. Dean writes both a scary story and a decent ending. :)

>>By Dare   (Saturday, 11 Oct 2003 04:16)

I loved the book Lightning. Wonderful story.. Kept me turing pages all night.

>>By lit_._girl   (Saturday, 3 Jan 2004 07:19)

Shadowfires and Winter Moon (mentioned above) are very good stories, yet his later works are even better. Of particular enjoyment to me is that the setting of several of his stories is in the local area of my company. Koontz writes of a murder at Newport Blvd. and Seventeenty Street and that is a real location less than 1/8 mile from my business. Another compelling reason for readership is his extremely good usage of the English language. If you are into English) vocabulary enlargement---Koontz will be a big help.

>>By lv2read   (Sunday, 4 Jan 2004 02:59)

Has anyone here read any of his early stuff, I mean real early like when he first started? I would love to talk about them with someone.

>>By Mrs Scuttlesby   (Thursday, 18 Mar 2004 13:55)

What are some of the early works, Mrs. S?

>>By Dare   (Thursday, 18 Mar 2004 15:58)

what drags me back to the writings of Mr Koontz (I dont know the fella, just read his books...) is the names he gives his characters... nobody is ever Bill Smith.... excellent.... the humour, restrained but with a pen knife between his teeth he was 'armed but not feeling dangerous' classical. the Romance, I really hope Miss Pink (Teddy) finds her policeman to be the one... and the cliff hangers (ie the end of every novel) the guy could have made a fortune writing the adventures of Castor and Pollux,and yet he follows new and ever wierder avenues with each release.
also share his Laurel and Hardy influences...

'it started on a tuesday'

>>By theevilone   (Friday, 9 Apr 2004 03:55)

I like Sole Survivor.

>>By darkchild2   (Saturday, 10 Apr 2004 13:54)

umm..?? i dont know??

>>By i hate nicknames   (Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 04:23)

I was wondering if anyone has a list of all the books " Dean Koontz" has ever put out. I know he has put out books under many differnt names I just want the work under Dean Koontz. I know this is allot of books but I would be greatful to any one who would be of help. I love his books and would like read to every thing he has done in that name.
I know he's awsome. I almost can't put his books down.

>>By oddkins   (Monday, 11 Oct 2004 18:30)

I just finished Odd Thomas. That's all I've read by him. I thought it was pretty good, well written and everything, and I was hooked, but the problem was... well the badguys were portrayed as total monsters and not as actual characters, whereas in anything by Stephen King you're made, maybe not to sympathise with the villains, but at least to recognise them as characters. Odd Thomas was written as an accopunt by the main character, so there was no chance of finding out the background of any other character. But it was good overall.

>>By Flagg   (Thursday, 14 Apr 2005 22:41)

Dean Koontz is one of the most exceptional authors I have ever read. His books aren't overburdened with useless information and/or unneeded plotlines. His characters, while easy to associate with are well made and make you want to love them. So far I have read Velocity (first of his books I've read, hooked me :P) the Odd Thomas Trilogy, The Face, One Door Away From Heaven, Taken (even thinking of that one gives me chills, it was that good). Dean Koontz has such a fantastic sense of humor and no matter how serius the plot he throws in his quirky humor that will give a smile instantly. Look him up and you'll be happy you word...Fantastic.

>>By Quote Lover   (Monday, 19 Mar 2007 23:23)

I love Dean Koontz; I feel that I gradually escalated to Koontz: from R.L. Stine as a kid, on to Christopher Pike, then Stephen King & Dean Koontz. I read "From the Corner of his Eye" last year & it was one of the best Koontz books ever. Over the summer I'm going to read Odd Thomas and Watchers.

>>By holeINmySOUL6   (Thursday, 17 May 2007 23:08)

I HAVE BEEN READING HIS REWORKING OF FRAKENSETEIN He is a fgood enough writer that has work kind of carries me along but whenb I sit and think I can not understand why the new race immediately just wants to kill something. I think if anyone survives the meltdown of Victor's empire it will be Erika Five because she has hope and is closest to human. I could see her trying to salvage things. I wish there was some way to salvage Randall Six and let him take over the home he found himself in. I'll be interrested in how Koontz works it out. A lot of his work seems a tad supertficial to me but this one isn't. I barely remember characters like Chyna and the person she defeated. But I think I remember Carson, Michael Duecvalion and others even though I know I am alloowing Koontz to make up science in whole cloth.

>>By izel   (Saturday, 10 Dec 2011 23:04)

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