David Deida


Deida's stuff is just Adi Da's stuff with a slight twist. Deida was a one-time devotee of Da's organisation, Adidam, and if you check through Da's books (especially The Enlightenment of the Whole Body, The Garbage and the Goddess, Love of the Two-Armed Form and The Dreaded Gom-Boo) you have already pretty much read Deida. Also it might help to know that Da is considered to be a dangerous, misleading failure by the majority of spiritual teachers world-wide, and as Deida's work is almost 1-1 with Da's then it should be possible to read a kind of warning in that.

>>By Andy   (Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003 19:26)

Isn't it possible that Deida could separate the wheat from the chaff and glean something from Da? I don't know much about Da, and the little I know isn't good, but there must be something there to be got. N'est pas?

>>By ling4dao   (Sunday, 14 Sep 2003 18:53)

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