David Baldacci


David Baldacci is one of the most fascinating writers of our time. LMT

>>By Lin   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 06:26)

How sad that there are only 2 fans of Baldacci on flork!!! I personally don't believe there is a better writer of thrillers. Just finished reading the Camel Club, the Collectors and currently reading Stone Cold and frankly...they make the Da vinci code almost laughable...

>>By Minnie the minx   (Wednesday, 14 May 2008 18:00)

The champion of political conspiracy action thrillers! His books cannot be put down (for long); they drag the reader along on a fast-paced narrative, typically with an unexpected finish!

>>By dreamsailer   (Sunday, 28 Aug 2011 21:59)

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