Colin Forbes


I think Colin is the best of living British thriller writers. He combines an unusual perception of international politics, with exciting plots which make him in my view, "the natural successor to Ian Fleming." His work is also to a certain extent unusual and the eccentric characters who crop up in his novels reminds me of the Avengers as much as James Bond. I want to write myself and Colin is one of authors from whom I have derived inspiration from together with Ian Fleming, Desmond Bagley and the late Alistair Maclean. I often imagine Tweed and Paula Gray as a latter day Steed and Emma Peel or even Tara King! I often try to imagine which glamorous brunette actress should play Paula, the actress Tamzin Greig who played Fran in Black Books comes to mind. I really can't understand why in this age of boring television, the Tweed novels have never been adapted for the big or smal screen.

>>By peter mckinley   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 13:00)

I have just started to read Colin's books. My first was the Vorpal Blade and I am now halfway through the Janus Man. I am finding them to be a good read with intricate well interwoven plots. I find that they are the "don't want to put them down" thriller. In response to Peter McKinley, the plots might be too complex and more simply I migfht be the absence of foul language and gratuitous sex. If the British producers put their minds to it each novel could be a wonderful mini-series or even a show along the lines of Prime Suspect. Never know your luck.

>>By bonzo13   (Saturday, 11 Sep 2004 06:56)

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