Clive Cussler


Have read all of his work

>>By papabear   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

I just "found" Cussler a matter of weeks ago and am on the 5th Pitt book.

>>By PaulTX   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

I found CC in 1976 with Raise the Titanic and have been hooked every since. It doesn't matter which charater it is about, as long and Clive's name is on the book I will buy it. I have all of his novels and have reread most of them.

>>By pebbles   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

I have a girlfriend

>>By Daniel Foster   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

She has brown hair, brown eyes, and is truely beautiful

>>By Daniel Foster   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

her name is Krissy, and I will never let her go.
I love you babe.

>>By Daniel Foster   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

Brilliant writer. Have read all of his books. Once started can't put the down.

>>By BigG   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

my very first book on pitts sequel was inca gold. i read it for a number of times and it was my favorite. since then, i started filling up my bookshelf with clives cusslers dirk pitt adventure.i got 13 of pitts adventure.dirk and al were really amazing. whos' indiana jones or agent 007? getting excited in the first movie of dirk. hopefully hugh jackman will get the roll of dirk. hi to all dirk pitt and al giordino fan

>>By lani corazon   (Friday, 16 May 2003 19:49)

I am looking forward to White Death, the new Kurt Austin book.
Also, I understand that is a new Oregon files series Clive will author, the first title being Golden Buddha. And in 12/03, Dirk will be back but I have not heard the title of that book yet. So far I have read everytthing by Clive and look forward to more in the future!

>>By Chip T.   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 17:46)

has anyone maintained a list of all the music mentioned by Dirk Pitt in all Cussler novels?

>>By sundancer   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 18:53)

i miss dirk pitt,kurt is ok but it is not the same

>>By magnet   (Tuesday, 29 Jul 2003 22:25)

Was the Raise the Titanic movie at all faithful to the book. I've read/seen neither as of yet, though I've enjoyed most of Cussler's Pitt books.

>>By Ric   (Sunday, 10 Aug 2003 19:34)

I was introduced to Clive Cussler's books last year and can't put them down! It makes me think of my first super hero/love--Jacque Costeau. (sp) Has anyone heard when the first movie will be out and who will star in it?

>>By Enthuse   (Wednesday, 13 Aug 2003 05:10)

I found Night Probe well written with quite a good plot but for one thing: The historical balderdash.
Clive insulted the people of Canada by suggesting their country still belonged to Great Britain and that the USA might have bought it for the price of six battleships in 1914. Canada became independent of the UK in 1867. As independent as the USA became in 1776. That they chose to keep links the Americans broke was their choice. It was not forced on them.

>>By Ally20287   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 15:42)

I bought Atlantis Found last year and must say I enjoyed it very much, although I usually am not the "action story" type.

>>By Kara   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 18:03)

I just bought Trojon Odyssey, and Aztec Gold. I am halfway through "gold" am can't wait to start the other. Clive's verb usage is cleaver and graphic. He makes me feel like I'm there!

>>By chesshirecat   (Saturday, 1 May 2004 15:02)

opps make that :Inca Gold, had my mind elsewhere? How could that be?

>>By chesshirecat   (Saturday, 1 May 2004 15:04)

I have read every one of cussler's books and they are as good escape fiction as I have found. I like Dirk Pitt better than Austin.

>>By mrgerry   (Wednesday, 11 Aug 2004 22:54)

Clive cussler...Read everything...Loved everyting...I consume his books as fast as he can write em...It keeps me from damaging my fragile spirit with tv.

>>By sheeva   (Tuesday, 2 Aug 2005 22:08)

Why have there been no entries since 2005? Mr. Cussler has been extremely prolific since then.

>>By dbmiller7   (Wednesday, 20 Dec 2006 16:32)

Read the first two in recommended reading order "Pacific Vortex" and "The Mediterranean Caper", then read the intro to "Iceberg" but no further. What utter drivel, comic book stuff for prepubescent schoolboys complete with peurile sex scenes. How anybody with an ounce of intelligence can enjoy this totally unfeasible nonsense is tragic. Worse, I came to this author expecting more from a best seller like him, fresh from reading the brilliant, accurate, well researched novels of David Poyer. What a stunning contrast in ability and skill it was. How is it that the moronic output of Cussler can outsell Poyer? Truly tragic example of the absence of human intelligence.

>>By camban   (Thursday, 9 Sep 2010 12:43)

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