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I wanted to pass along the news that Warner Books has reprinted HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, the first novel in Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's historical series featuring the vampire Count Saint-Germain. Set in mid-18th century France and originally published in 1978, the novel introduces not only Saint-Germain, but Madelaine de Montalia, one of the Count's greatest loves. The book is available in mass market paperback.

In October Warner Books will publish a new hardcover Saint-Germain novel entitled NIGHT BLOOMING. Set in late 8th century, Saint-Germain is summoned by Karl-lo-Magne (Charlemagne) to assist the monks in Tours with mapping out territory beyond the fallen western half of the Roman Empire. During his travels Saint-Germain meets and befriends Gynethe Mehaut, an albino with stigmatic wounds who seeks to find peace with her condition, but ends up raising suspicion and fear among those around her. NIGHT BLOOMING is the 15th book in the Saint-Germain series.

Review Interest: I can forward review copy requests to the appropriate contact at Warner Books, and the contact can send review copies if you are located in the United States or Canada.

For more information about Yarbro and her books, please visit Warner's official website, Here are some specific pages that may be of interest:

About Chelsea Quinn Yarbro:




An essay by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro on writing NIGHT BLOOMING:

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