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Hi everybody, first time caller, first time listener,
start reading this book before the movie comes out and your imaginations are molested by thoughts of jude law, rene zellwegger and nicole kidman. if you aren't hooked in the first chapter I'd be curious to know how not. Civil war era story hinting at love but absorbed in the distance between, nature, bloody battle imagery, compassion, simply beautiful coherent language, excellent research! I can nearly smell the woods around me when I read this book. I think i'm halfway in love with inman. read it guys, go on, it's so good it's like a pleasure overload. johney depp should be playing inman in the movie goddamnit, he's from tenessee at least, i'd love to see j.d in one of those gray rebel outfits, filthy and hungry and wildeyed, oh my!

>>By Wanda   (Saturday, 20 Dec 2003 07:24)

Wanda! Get on down with your bad self.

>>By Seward3   (Saturday, 20 Dec 2003 07:41)

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