Cate Tiernan


cool im da first person 2 make a comment on dis page,
but anyway these books majorly rule they are not really based on the real properties of wicca and the pagan religion but they are very entertaining in the ways of teenege life.

>>By shade   (Sunday, 26 Oct 2003 21:02)

these books r sooo cool if u are having trouble finding the book order (i did) the first book is book of shadows and they have the order written in the back

>>By lost_girl2004   (Sunday, 31 Oct 2004 13:52)

This website recommended this author to me, and I have very little time for reading (though I love it), so I don't want to start a series that I'm not going to like. Can someone tell me a little about WHY they like Cate Tiernan?

>>By Geanetta   (Thursday, 23 Dec 2004 02:23)

because it is gripping and cool

>>By Crazybeth   (Monday, 5 Sep 2005 19:20)

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