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I love Samurai Girl!! Its amazing! My fave books so far are Book One, FIve and Six. It kinda got slow in the middle especially when Heaven would get drunk all the time, but they were still great. The last one was amazing especially when Heaven found her mother! Although it was sad that Hiro died in Book 6, I am kinda glad he is out of the picture. I had enough of him. He was really beginning to bug me especially when he became really lustful for Heaven. I am glad that she got over him before he died. I can't wait for the next one!

>>By Andrika   (Wednesday, 1 Sep 2004 19:22)

NOW I KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AND I DON'T FEEL LIKE READING IT ANYMORE.!!!!!!! i've only read 1 and 2 and i'm waiting for the rest of the series but....Hiro dies????? man. i almost had a heart attack when i read that line!!! Anyway, i've been hooked by Samurai Girl. gotta go find more....must find more....must....
c ya

>>By MaRgO   (Friday, 24 Sep 2004 04:32)

Sorry about spoiling it for you! Next time I will warn everyone. But, yeah it was a shocker reading the part where Hiro died. I had to read that part twice just to make sure what I read was real and not a trick my mind was playing on me. I hope you do read the rest because they are really good, despite spoiling some events for you. I didn't give away everything, or any of the really important stuff about Heaven's family. There is much more revealed in #4, #5, and #6.

>>By Andrika   (Friday, 24 Sep 2004 21:51)

Its okay. I'm still going to read them all anyway.
I'm still waiting on #3-#6 at the library. I really don't
wanna just buy it and then what will i do with them?
Anyway, its a good thing u told me that about Hiro
cuz now i'm REALLY really hooked. But i kinda wanted
him and Heaven to have a relationship but...miss Asai
has other ideas and that is o.k. gotta go.
hope i can get them all soon.

>>By MaRgO   (Sunday, 26 Sep 2004 02:01)

I am getting REALLY impatient waiting for the next book (#7) in Samurai Girl. Does anyone know what's taking so long??? Don't tell me Asai has stopped writing them. I hope thats not it.

>>By Andrika   (Monday, 3 Jan 2005 21:45)

Does anyone know any good Samurai Girl websites, if any?
Also I saw on the Chapters website that #7 and #8 are coming out hopefully they will be on the bookselves soon...hopefully....

>>By Andrika   (Tuesday, 25 Jan 2005 16:53)

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