Bruce Fink


I am reading the book edited by Bruce Fink "Reading Seminars I and II" and I think Dr Fink is one of the best
lacanians in the United States. He teachs in his articles and papers in good way the Lacan's teaching and the Miller's lacanian orientation. I have read Lacan very well when I lived in Havana. I focused several lectures from Miller, the Lacan's son-in-law and head of World Association of Psychoanalysis. I have been practicing my English reading Lacan translated by Dr. Fink. In some lectures in English I have found a new conceptualisation on the same problem in new way. Dr. Fink became specialist in the topic and sometimes with a fresh style explaining some lectures and made easy to understand.
I agree with his point of view and his work.

Now I am going to buy Reading Seminar IX.

Alberto Mendez

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