Bruce Chatwin


I sooo enjoyed this movie - I have read half of the book. can anyone tell me whether they completed the book and found the video wanting at all?
I would like to chat about the various strands of intensity that this book reveals in the family relationships - anyone care to join me?

>>By Tiggy   (Sunday, 17 Aug 2003 02:32)

I should say also that it is my aim to read all of Chatwin's books and the Nichoals Shakespeare biography. I have only had time in the last 3 years to read snippets, and he has always been intriguing to me. So...any recommendations on what I should read next? As an Aussie, I am drawn to The Songlines...

>>By Tiggy   (Sunday, 17 Aug 2003 02:36)

Chatwin is truly wonderful -- I recently read a memoire by his editor called With Chatwin. Stick with Chatwin's writings which reveal more of himself than this book. In Patagonia is an awesome book filled with amazing stories and character sketches. I loved Utz -- curiously one of several books I've read recently about life in communist eastern Europe. May I recommend reading Sebald next, particularly Vertigo. Great book which vibrates along the lines that Bruce Chatwin does.

>>By vandrop   (Tuesday, 19 Aug 2003 19:14)

Have been a fan of Chatwin ever since we did "On the black hill" at school many moons ago. I love "In Patagonia. I thought the Shakespeare book was a good attempt at capturing the person. Chatwin certainly seemed to be hard to pin down in every sense of the word.

>>By Steed   (Thursday, 28 Aug 2003 20:18)

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