Brady Udall


are you one of those bumped, rumped, and humped in some reform school? No, you say . . . alrighty then. maybe you were lucky enough to survive some you-should-be-wormfood accident where instead, you end up in some hospital for an extended stay and become the soul of the place and you are taught invaluable wisdom by the lifetime friends you make. your experiences somehow add up, and, if you were to take a step back, have the uncanny appearance of one seemingly continuous . . . miracle, yeah, that's it. i like to go through life without any real agenda, you know, one of those goals, or like a plan. i like to just cruise along and see what happens next. edgar mint bounces along by the grace of fate, and maybe destiny.
edgar is a great hero, he does what he feels right to do despite all the imposed b.s. 'proper' or 'decent' morality. setting is modern day arizona and utah, edgar ends up in pennsylvania at the end with his almost (oh, oh, am i starting to give it away - i think so) awesome story, a must read.

>>By iphybinski   (Friday, 19 Mar 2004 02:51)

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