Bill Bryson


I can't believe no one has started a thread about Bill yet. Amazing travel writer, read his books.

>>By Greyhound   (Thursday, 25 Sep 2003 16:35)

Very funny writer if you want a sideways take on the USA take a look at Notes on a Big Country (not sure remembered title correctly). One of the funniest books I've read in a long time, nice to see a writer that can make fun of himself.

>>By Bethan   (Monday, 29 Sep 2003 12:06)

I read a piece from Bill Bryson's book about England, and it was so funny - can anyone tell me the name of this book?

>>By TrishaB   (Sunday, 12 Oct 2003 23:22)

It was Notes from a Small Island - highly recommend it one of the funniest he's done.

>>By Bethan   (Monday, 13 Oct 2003 13:54)

thank you Bethan, now I know what to buy!
Trisha B

>>By TrishaB   (Tuesday, 14 Oct 2003 00:15)

Was just introed to his books and they are great reads. Very funny stuff! A friend bought me a copy of Notes from a Small Island so I'll know a bit more about where he's from and then I had the wonderful experience of having him read some of it to me in his lovely accent! ;) THAT'S the way to go! :D

>>By Dare   (Thursday, 16 Sep 2004 19:01)

Notes From a Small Island was the first Bill Bryson book I read. It's seriously interesting, and it's hard to put down. But I think I read Made In America next, that's got to be the best so far.

>>By Bitch Fit   (Tuesday, 15 Feb 2005 12:35)

I just finished reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything, and found it fascinating. Its one of the most informative, interesting, and amusing books on science that I have read. The manner in which he presents the factual information and intersperses with amusing anecdotes makes it a great read.
I haven't read any of his travel books, but if they are half as good, I can't wait to get my hands on them.

>>By Sandman7604   (Thursday, 17 Feb 2005 20:07)

I am reading A Short History of Nearly Everything now and it is fascinating reading. I wish they had taught history and science this way when I was in primary school. For those who enjoy Bryson's humorous side, they should read Down Under. I think in the US it is published as A Sunburnt Country - or maybe that's the UK - not sure. It's pretty funny, though.

>>By Jocks   (Saturday, 25 Feb 2006 15:52)

My vote goes to Mother Tongue. I can read it again & again & again.

>>By nonyeb   (Friday, 29 Dec 2006 02:09)

Not to be all Egghead about it, but ol' Bill is actually from the good ol' Midwest of the Midwest, Iowa. He resided in England for 20+ years though, which is how he ditched the nasally accent for the delightful dulcet British tones (apparently). I'm reading A Walk In The Woods currently, and am finding it quite entertaining! However, I'm now more nervous than I used to be about bears. Small price to pay.

>>By BagLadyAmy   (Sunday, 31 Dec 2006 23:43)

I think Bryson has an affection for Britain, not just England. He's good.

>>By nonyeb   (Monday, 1 Jan 2007 21:22)

Must be a bookish geek, in a lovable way. He's great.

>>By nonyeb   (Tuesday, 2 Jan 2007 22:09)

How many books has he written now? Prolific, that's for sure!

>>By nonyeb   (Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007 19:27)

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