Bell Hooks


bell hooks' memoir was captivating, painful and beautiful all at the same time. her experiences led her forward to become the inspiring woman she is today!

>>By balloons!!   (Thursday, 14 Sep 2006 17:26)

OHHHHHH. why does no one listen to me? i'm reading , "all about love" and it is so beautiful, so captivating. open your hearts up and check it out, love. all we need is love indeed. hooks is a positive example of what a leader should be like.

>>By balloons!!   (Sunday, 26 Nov 2006 02:58)

"all about love" is one of the most important books i've ever read. i started reading her writing about feminism but i think her books about community and identity are really outstanding. "all about love", "ain't i a woman" & "killing rage" highly recommended!

>>By onions   (Thursday, 28 Feb 2008 09:16)

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