I'v never cared before....

>>By CedarC   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:58)

yesterday I read "Love lasts three years" /I'm not sure if title's so in english, I read it in Bulgarian/. He just was speaking with my words and telling out my thoughts. I can't believe it, really:). I can't believe that a man, a male human being, can feel things THAT way. You know what? It gave me wings for a couple of hours:) I'm so glad - no, not glad, happy, I was happy reading this book. Now I love Frederic for life:) And the world's a little less dark when I know somewhere out there such a man exists. Thank you for writing this book, Frederic:)
How long does love last, ....hah?

>>By Eeevil   (Friday, 9 Jul 2004 17:51)

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