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Barry Eisler is a fraud. He has a blog on which he allows only positive comments. I know this because I have posted from may IP addresses with comments as innocuous as, "I think in this case you're wrong...This is not a big deal."
I wouldn't believe anything the man writes or says based on that alone, since he claims the blog is open for comments. Every comment on there is from people who know him or people who are hardcore fans. If that's what he wants, he should state so.
I might add, I have friends in the Bay Area, and rumor has it that Barry trolls for boys in the Castro, sometimes even going so far as to invite them to "wrestling" matches based on his "martial arts" training. I don't know if this true since I don't live there, but it does make one wonder, especially if you look at the picture of him on his website.
Don't waste your time or money on this pervert.

>>By Just Jon   (Sunday, 2 Jul 2006 04:47)

There is nothing wrong with disallowing negative comments on an author Web site. Eisler isn't the only one that does it. Lots of authors remove negative feedback and comments (they all get negative comments, but you'll hardly ever see them on the author's site). If you were an author, would you want negative comments about you and your book sitting on your site? Of course not.

There is also no way for you to know that "every from people who know him or who are hardcore fans." You could naturally assume that people who leave positive comments are "fans" - why else would they be there?

I have friends in the Bay too, and none of them have heard of these so-called "rumors" you're reporting about Barry and "boys." In fact, to even mention it here, in all its unsubstantiated, vindictive, vituperative glory, is just about the worst thing I've ever seen on one of these sites. Shame on you for being a member of a site that promotes literature and yet you weaken its fiber by pouring acid on it. And what on earth does his picture have to do with it? Is it because he may be of "above average" looks? Because he's in good physical shape? Because he has brown hair? Two legs and two arms?

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You obviously have yours. But I'm countering your opinion based on REASON and not emotion or assumption. I've read one of his books (Rain Fall); it was a fairly good read. Based on that book and what I've read about Eisler on other sites, I'd say you're not wasting your time nor your money by reading his books. And there is nothing in his books nor anywhere else that would indicate he is a "pervert."

Shame on you, Jon.

>>By VoraciousBibliovore   (Thursday, 6 Sep 2007 17:30)

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