Barbara Erskine


An excellent read, I have read all books and look forward to any new releases

>>By lynne   (Tuesday, 29 Apr 2003 09:16)

I think she's the century's most talented writers. Her books take you on a journey that makes you want to read more and more. She has the power to make you feel the same emotions as the character in the books. Excellent!

>>By Sara J   (Sunday, 11 May 2003 17:25)

I have just finished the new book, 'Hiding From The Light'. I live on the Suffolk/Essex border and have read all of her books so far. This is on par with 'House of Echoes' which is my favourite. I have visited the places mentioned obliquely in the book many times....and recently retraced my steps a few days after reading the book. Was there a sense of foreboding in the air that I had never noticed before? No, not really, Manningtree and Mistley are lovely places and the Mistley Coffee Shop and The Stour Bay Cafe have long been favourite haunts. This is a compelling read!

>>By Mary-Beth Randall   (Tuesday, 13 May 2003 20:27)

I have recently discovered Ms Erskine's books (quite by accident, I was never into what I thought were just historical novels) and I am completely in awe of how she manages to transport you into the characters' worlds. When I am not able to read the book I am on at the moment, I long to get back to it so I can escape into another world like so many of her characters do!

I have read these titles to date (in order)

House of Echoes,
Midnight is a Lonely Place,
Lady of Hay,
Kingdom of Shadows
I am nearing the end of On the Edge of Darkness.I am greatly looking forward to Hiding from the Light which is next on my list.I cannot say which one is my favorite, they all are in different ways!

I especially like the way she combines history with the personal lives and feelings of each character and explores the different ways her characters make contact with the past. It has made me curious and I plan to do some research into this subject in the near future. The books have made me more aware of the history of my country, before it was only something I had studied at school but now I want to visit some of the places mentioned in the books, such as North Essex, Hay and Scotland.Even films like "Braveheart" have a lot more significance once you have read "Kingdom of the Shadows".

I am looking forward to all future releases from the great Barbara Erskine! If you are reading this Ms Erskine I thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities :-)

>>By Hannah   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 15:51)

Once you read one, you'll read them all!

>>By Carin   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 15:23)

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