I'm reading The Poetics of Space. I've had to wonder about how Bachelard can describe the way phenomenon strikes everyone but is never really known to effect people. To experience a phenomenon in this way for adults, there has to be a choice; to be open and yet focused. I'm eager to discuss this because I have never done it before, but strangely I think that I've been wanting to for a long time now. I want to know that people experience aesthetic experiences and I want to know what they are, like when you read someones poetry. I know that the imagination, as Bachelard describes, is intimate and internal. But I like it so much! It feels like a tread that I am chaseing and running through my fingertips. When I read this book I want it to lead somewhere. Sometimes in my imagination I think about a group of Surrealists talking openly together about the Imagination. I exagerate the sight in my mind and see them in the foreground of a Yves Tanguey landscape. That must exist somewhere. I've been staring at corners and nooks and cracks on the wall and I want to believe that it is there, some connection to a great mentor like Leonardo Da vinci, getting me to really plug into still-lifes and genre scenes. I find it hard to believe that artist and fiction writers and movie makers don't say the most exagerated things to eachother. That to me is the much fantasizes corner of the world where my mind transcends to.

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Nice. I'm also (re)reading _Poetics of Space_ right now. Bachelard is an intriguing fellow, I agree. He also looked a lot like Santa Claus -- if Santa had been European, maybe.
Subervise humanism being a bit outmoded, perhaps, but like Borges and Calvino a beautiful metaphysics...

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