Audrey Niffenegger


Wow, just read the Time-Traveller's Wife and have to say it is a standout piece of work. Really loved and cried for the final fifty pages

>>By soup   (Thursday, 4 Aug 2005 17:04)

My auntie, teacher that she is, and as cool as she is, told me to read this book for a bit a fun on the better side of generica!
I won't call it fun...because it does tug heart strings....though I never shed a tear...but its real......
a.n. (I just don't feel like spelling the name) does a great job of matching a completely unrealistic experience with some really real, hyper-drug-music-time experiences.....its like fantasy for people who don't really have time to read anything because they are too busy partying, or they were too busy partying 20 years ago...
a great read for beach girls who aren't really beach girls but are on vacation.....actually it needs more of a nod than that.....i just can't express it except to say I bought the music

>>By iwishiwereabondgirl   (Monday, 12 Sep 2005 14:14)

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