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How does this work?
Anyway, I love Anita Shreve.
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>>By AuntLara   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 09:58)

I just finished reading The Last Time They Met and I need a little feedback. I don't know how to interpret the last page. If I take it literally than everything that happened after they were seventeen is in the mind and imagination of Thomas. If I take it figuratively, than I can make a little more sense of it. I don't want to appear dense, but this ending is frustrating me. Help. I do love Anita Shreve and have read Sea Glass, Where or When, The Pilot's Wife and my favorite of all, The Weight of Water.

>>By Dee   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 09:58)

I completely understand, I just finished the book minutes ago, and I came to look online to find an explanation.

Can anyone help?

I am a huge fan. I've also read The Pilots Wife, Weight of Water, and Where or When, and awaiting Sea Glass in the mail, and waiting for All her ever wanted to come out in paper back.

>>By Cindy   (Wednesday, 21 May 2003 17:24)

just finished reading the piolts wife- im in high school- and i must say that was the easiest book i have ever read in my entire life. Way to easy to read. so i must have fooled myself- can anyone tell if there are symbols in this book that i missed???????

>>By girls suck   (Thursday, 31 Jul 2003 20:48)

I think the best Anita Shreve is "Fortune's Rocks" The narrative creates the world in your imagination and the characters are so vivid. I literally could not put this book down! I would also recommend a writer called Tracy Chevalier, she writes in a similar manner to Anita Shreve, creating vivid and colourful stories.

>>By Lady Intrigue   (Wednesday, 25 Aug 2004 10:42)

Did any of you read Sea Glass? What did you think about the end? I was very surprised by it.
I have not read any of her other books, might have to.

>>By vancarluis   (Wednesday, 25 Aug 2004 15:12)

I just read Strange Fits of Passion. I thought it was well written, but I would like to share views with someone who has read the book. The discussion questions at the back really made me think. Anyone read this book recently?

>>By readingalltime   (Monday, 6 Dec 2004 20:58)

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