Andre Breton


"Qui suis-je?" ...who is "je?" Breton, Nadja, the we know?

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who is nadja   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 05:03)

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he is my inspiration

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I have been fascinated with the book "l'amour feau".

Para algum português que aqui venha e procure saber acerca da visão de André Breton aconselho o livro "o amor louco". É uma fascinante divagação sobre o Acaso e as tecituras dos encontros capitais da nossa vida.

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I will never recover from the first lines of Ode to Fourier:

En ce temps-là je ne te connaissais que de vue
Je ne sais même plus comment tu es habillé

and then:

Fourier es-tu toujours là

(are you still there?)

The whole story behind Fourier´s statue is a proof of Breton idea of the imagination mixing up with "real" life.

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is there essentially surrealistic literature/painting

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