Alexander Trocchi


I suspect that the book was about drugs, and murdering faggots.

This is why i think so.

Think about the pen knife. the glint of steel was HIS pen knife. though it never mentions it specifically that portion of the story must have been told from the point of view of the faggot. HE was the one taking a piss in the alley. it must have been HIS pen knife that he flashed the fag as they passed by eachother. then he followed the homo into a bar but loses him. then he goes and carves a picture of a naked woman with the knife in the washroom wall. then he returns to the alley where he saw the fag. he would have killed the fag in the alley too, if he'd been there. but alas the fag in the alley was gone.

"And Cain slew him." was the most powerful sentence in the book. When Abel propositioned him Cain slew him. just as the main character would have slain the fag if the fag had propositioned him.

thats just my point of view.

>>By Cain   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 17:57)

Interesting theory. After re-reading the book with this in mind, I suspect you are correct. But you should not give away another writers hidden secrets and meanings. Each reader should be forced to find them himself, which is where the pleasure of reading comes from. Still i am impressed at your insight. The truth is not always pretty.

>>By Goid   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 03:55)

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