Announcing: Answers To Top 10 Questions About The Brain

On June 10, 2003 the call was made for questions in numerous online forums. 10 days later the call ended:

In order of votes: The answers are now published at

1 What is wrong in the brains of people who suffer from Schizophrenia?
2 do we be more happy, if we solve all the unknowns of brain, ?
3 Why do psychiatrists tell us what to do when they don’t know how it works?
4 What is ‘the mind’?
5 What are dreams and nightmares?
6 Explain: answers to the “hard Problems” of consciousness study (brain mind binding, explaining subjective experience and causes of consciousness, will)
6 What is consciousness?
7 Is it true that we only use 10% of our brains?
7 Can you exercise your brain?
8 How complex is the human brain?
8 What is wrong with Rodney Brook’s viewpoint on the brain?
8 How do neurons carry information?
9 Why have we got a memory and how does it work?
9 Are boys smarter then girls?
9 What will it take for an artificial brain to achieve philosophical consciousness?
9 What does the brain do during sleep?
10 Are there hard and easy problems about the brain?
10 Does the body have a mind of its own? (or: why does neuronic signaling sometimes appear AFTER the act – see Binet et al.)
10 How and why does the brain decide to block out memories of events, and how does it keep them blocked out (until/if retrieved)?
10 Is the whole (consciousness, thought, awareness) greater than the sum of the parts (tissue, electrical signals, neurons)?
10 Does decentralized functioning exist..?
10 Are all brains born equal..?
10 Why do some people have obsessive personalities and some don’t?

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