Adam Philips


Phiklip's works have changed my life big time. He is very intelligent and courageous in what he talks about. My life had become much happier, but at the same time more interestingly chaotic as I rearrange my relationships and as I learn more about people and myself. He also writes great sentences.
I have read all his books several times and could recommend any of them. I have gone from living a depressed life in outer world's suburbia to shedding lots of old stuff and discovering , midst my hidden past my real self or should I say selves! . Yeh, I did get divorced as a result of it all, but amazing things have happened since reading his books. I, and all the parts of me that make that up, look forward to the rest of my years now. He's cool. He's sexy. And yes , readers you may find some changes in that area if you read him too.

>>By adrian smith   (Thursday, 12 Jun 2003 12:39)

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