Zane Gray


I am writing to ask if anybody can help us!

My name is Basha O’Reilly, and I am a member of The Long Riders' Guild, the world's first international association of equestrian travellers - we have members in 39 countries, all of whom have made a journey of 1,000 miles or more. Our website,, contains more information about equestrian travel than has ever been collected together in human history.

In the course of updating our website to include Historical Long Riders, we were investigating the claims of an American man, Frank T. Hopkins, who said he had performed some amazing feats on horseback, including a winning 2,000 mile race in the United States and a 3,000 mile race in Arabia at the end of the nineteenth century. Weeks of research, however, have failed to verify a single one of his exploits! To make matters worse, Touchstone Pictures, a division of Walt Disney, is soon to release an $80 million film "based on the true story of Frank T. Hopkins."

The reason I am writing this message is that we have unearthed a couple of clues which indicate there was possibly a connection between Hopkins and Zane Grey.

In fact, we believe it is possible that Zane Grey met Hopkins and exposed him as a fraud!

I found your page, and wondered if anybody can help us follow up on these clues? We would be particularly interested to find any letters he had written or received.

If you would like to learn more about what we have discovered about Hopkins so far, please visit these pages on our website:

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

>>By Basha O'Reilly   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 23:53)

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