Witold Gombrowicz


Has anyone read Cosmos? If so, can you please explain his obsession with Lena's and Katasia's mouths. I just don't get it. I understand that he sticks his finger in Louis's mouth at the end in order to connect his fascination with mouths and hanging, but I never really understood why he was so obsessed over mouths. What am I missing?!!!

>>By effelk   (Monday, 14 Jun 2004 15:34)

effelk, gomb is interested in mapping out arbitrary constellations here --- in a sense he's poking fun at the way we structure the world around us, what better image for a schizo to be become obsessed with than a mouth? It's a passage way to infinite zones --- the digestive, lingual, the erotic, it's capable of transgressing boundaries --- and from the narrator's distorted angle at the table, and in his present state of mind, still reeling from the discovery of the sparrow (one macabre image) to confronting the scarring of Katasia's mouth (another such image) -- he must connect the two, particularly as this point is driven home in the overlapping of the two mouths.....they just visually connected....right in front of his very eyes....of course, this is the perception of a paranoiac, but it's a solid beginning for what's to come.

does this make any sense?

>>By edlover   (Tuesday, 23 Nov 2004 05:52)

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