William Kennedy


Has anyone read Kennedy's "Albany Trilogy"?

>>By Persevere   (Wednesday, 15 Oct 2003 02:03)

why yes i have persevere and i was glad to have done so.kennedy has a fine way with words and great sympathy for his characters as they go through their crisis.

>>By goddog   (Wednesday, 15 Oct 2003 08:39)

By memory - which is not infallible - I remember preferring "Legs" and "Billy Phelan's Greatest Game" to "Ironweed", the latter seeming to be straining too hard. Maybe it's high time for a re-reading. I have lost touch with Wm. Kennedy over the last 10 years; what of his newer fiction might you recommend? (Who is this goddog; he sure knows his writers!)

>>By Persevere   (Wednesday, 15 Oct 2003 14:19)

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