William Dalrymple


Because I recently moved to this country, England, I decided to investigate a bit of its history. And I started with this fascinating book (so far, as i havent't finished it yet) about the british empire in India: "The White Mughals". It gives you a completely different perspective of how it all happened. I strongly recomend.

>>By polybb   (Saturday, 7 Aug 2004 22:49)

A marvellous man, William Dalrymple. Yes, White Mughals is a great achievement. I don't think anyone else has shown that before Victorian times Englishmen sent to India settled in to live an Indian life, clothes, food, wives, business and so on. Dalrymple then takes us through the changes wrought by later colonialists who, influence perhaps by Victorian strictness, stopped all that 'fraternising' with the locals. A great pity. By the way Dalrymple has written several deeply interesting books about India, and indeed now lives there just outside Delhi.

>>By rationalist   (Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011 21:34)

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