Tomek Tryzna


Tomek (Tomas) Tryzna is a man. According to his Swedish publisher and other websites, he was born in 1948. As a child, he lived in the village of Ostroszowice in Silesia. Apparently, his father was a tailor.

Ostroszowice is not far from Walbrzych. Marysia, the main figure of "Panna nikt", comes from a (different) village that is close to Walbrzych, too. Hence, I wonder how much autobiographical content there is in this book. I have not yet read "Idz, kochaj" which is supposed to be autobigraphic as well. Maybe someone knowledgeable in Polish could clue me in.

>>By Zickzack   (Friday, 7 May 2004 13:16)

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