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I love the Claidi Journals. They offer so much, including inspiration. I only wish that i had bought the first one. I spent the day rereading both II and III and leaving reality to join up with her on her search for Argul. Aww! Lol, well, i guess there isn't much to say except I LUV TANITH LEE!

>>By Leelee   (Sunday, 23 Feb 2003 21:48)

CLAIDI JOURNALS IS THE BEST SERIES EVER!!!! I wanna name my kids Claidissa and Venarion!Tanith Lee should write a book about Ustareth. That would be good!

>>By Lexpuff   (Thursday, 6 Mar 2003 23:28)

OK. This message board is pretty vacant.
I am rereading the trilogy also. We should start asking questions about things in the book if we want more people to come here. So...

Here is mine:

Why is this trilogy a 'children's book'? It really shouldn't be considered that. What are some of your reasons?

>>By Merope's Stronghold   (Sunday, 13 Apr 2003 03:44)

I guess this book is considered a 'children's book' because of its length perhaps? Most probably not though. There is a 4th book of this series right? What i like best about these books is how visual they are without having to endure tons of useless detail. And when reading them, I lose track of everything else and that i believe establishes this as a great series of books!

>>By Leila   (Monday, 14 Apr 2003 05:33)

I don't believe there will be another book for The Claidi Journals, though there could be (I hope). The last book was quite final, yet there could be a lot more information on what she did with the Human Tower.

>>By Merrope's Stronghold   (Monday, 5 May 2003 02:38)

Does anyone know where there selling the Wolf Queen book and you don't have to order it? Cause I'm on the 2nd book in the series and I really would like to know.Also where they carry other Tanith Lee books cause I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! She is a fabulous writer!!

>>By Emmi   (Monday, 2 Jun 2003 19:41)

Well, it matters where you live. I live in Iowa, and all of our major book stores have them.

>>By Merrope's Sronghold   (Saturday, 14 Jun 2003 23:04)

you know, i think she needs to add a dictionary of the Hulta words in the back because you don't know if it is good or bad and how bad or good it is when someone i the book is called that. you gett me drift?

i think that they should have done more with venn. because he is a awsume charactor and deengwi, she could have been a great charactor.

>>By Venn_Luver18   (Wednesday, 25 Feb 2004 03:51)

I agree...they should have put more of venn he was a good character. Usually you can get the books at barns and nobles i am about to get wolf wing, i have the others. I think they are very well written books and the way she uses descriptions you can really get a feel for the books. So what are your guys opinions on the books, which one is your favorite? I personally like Wolf Star.

>>By winteraven   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 23:11)

I LOVE the Claidi Journals!! I would love to talk to anyone else who likes them also!!

>>By winterraven1205   (Friday, 3 Dec 2004 00:12)

I've just ordered the book Piratica and hope (and expect) it to be very good.
My next question doesn't really have anythign to do with Tanith Lee, but it's the closest I could get to a thread caled "Gothic." So here goes... Is there anyone here that is getting married or has gotten married and wants/had/would of had a gothic wedding? My sister and I are starting a wedding business in Oregon that offers gothic services, gothic artsy wedding cakes, photography, pro make-up (just a few of the services we will be offering). so if you have any suggestions or services you think we should offer please give me a messege. Thank you! Hope to hear from you.

>>By SweetDarkThea   (Tuesday, 22 Mar 2005 01:21)

I really liked the claudi journals, but i havent read the third one yet. Oh i started it all right, but i have this habbit of getting too emotionatley attached to the charachters i read about so when I heard that argul thought Claudi didnt love him I kind of freaked out and refused to read the book due to the unfairness. I have recently decided to re read the entire series because of the fourth book but I am still having trouble beginning to read the third. I will force myself through it though. I SHALL PREVAIL. Ok, im done now

>>By Megano   (Saturday, 23 Apr 2005 00:24)

There's a fourth book of the Claidi journals, and while it's fine in the tradition of the books, I didn't like it as much as the first three. I loved the first three very much, I was extremely impressed by how well she was able to stick with a journal format for the whole series; there's a lot out there that can't manage-either it becomes unrealistic by how much the character knows ahead of time or how she reacts, or it's too limiting because the character can't really share the world around them without being over obvious of what she's describing. I think the tactic of using the journal more as a long letter to a friend she didn't know was brilliant, and gave ample excuse to go more into depth of description of the world around them without seeming too obvious. I also don't really know why it's considered a children's book; it seems very in depth, but I suppose the combined fact of it being fantasy and that it doesn't really have any "adult" themes sort of threw it in that pile.
Piratica is a good read, and just plain fun to go through :) I hope you enjoy it!

>>By dekustar   (Thursday, 28 May 2009 19:31)

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