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Does anyone know when Imp's Deceit" come out?

>>By Augustus Ceasar   (Sunday, 25 Apr 2004 06:05)

I read the book Hades Daughter by Sara Douglass. Its a sad and at first a confusing story. But I do like the book. In the story I feel sorry for Cordelia (I think its her name the main character) the way she lives in the story.And towards the end she takes her life its pretty sad...

>>By Lily_gurl   (Friday, 7 May 2004 17:09)

the axis trilogy is the best

>>By tortallan-chic   (Tuesday, 17 May 2005 08:44)

Loved the Axis Trilogy! Sara Douglass breings something new to the fantasy genre - turly frightening at times, gritty and really quite ersatz Tolkein here! She's moved into a totally different theme with the Crucible trilogy: a brilliantly disturbing writer

>>By Sarcophilus   (Wednesday, 20 Jul 2005 13:22)

OK, I've read a few books by Sara Douglass but I'm still totally confused by the different trilogies. The Axis Trilogy and the Wayfarer Redemption in particular; I don't exactly know where one leaves off and the other begins. Could someone please tell me which books belong to the Axis Trilogy and which to the Wayfarer Redemption, and in what order?

>>By raspberry_juice   (Thursday, 21 Jul 2005 22:54)

here you go.
axis trilogy
1 battle axe
2 enchanter
3 star man

wayfarer redemption
1 sinner
2 pilgrim
3 crusader
the books comme out in the same order, take you through a generations of the same familys but if you read it in that order you cantgo wrong.

>>By 2323adriana   (Sunday, 4 Feb 2007 03:20)


>>By raspberry_juice   (Tuesday, 6 Feb 2007 03:51)

hope you will enjoy them

>>By 2323adriana   (Wednesday, 7 Feb 2007 12:57)

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