Mike Coburn


Hey, im really enjoying this book so far, im liking his stlye of writing more than some other books I have read. Im glad that it has been allowed to sell at last and I think I might enjoy it more than B20. I will have to read The one that got away next, and compare it to that one. Anybody else got this book and want to discuss what they think so far??

>>By christina   (Sunday, 14 Mar 2004 11:11)

Thanks, PAULL...
...for posting the creation of this page for Mike Coburn. Thought for sure I'd see you here already. :o) Very disappointed that he will not be doing public signings but somehow that doesn't surprise me either. Do you have any links to the newspaper articles you mentioned or the television interviews?

Hello again, Christina...
Definitely agree with you on MC's Soldier Five and his writing style, and I believe his version of events. I also enjoy how he conveys the irritation and raw nerves of the patrol.

Re: MoD / Betrayal
It's very easy to see why the MoD has worked so hard to block his version. Much as I had already known about what happened about their ex-fil messages (mainly from Panorama program, etc.), I still found it very disturbing to read what Mike knows/learned, like the confrontation of the "stand-down" and the Colonel's comment: "I would have thought that's a bit premature, isn't it?" God! Absolutely gutted.

>>By am-i-binned   (Sunday, 14 Mar 2004 14:31)

Hi Y'all,

Yet another promo piece for Soldier Five, this time from the Daily Mail (March 12, 2004). Don't think it's available online but could be wrong... If you want the full text, flork me, I'll share.

HEADLINE: Bravo wasn't the word for it
BACK in February 1991 when the Gulf War was raging, I was stuck in the Gulf of Mexico as one of the intelligence officers for the British garrison in Belize. One afternoon I received a letter from a colleague in the SAS telling me Rob Consiglio, a mutual friend who had just joined 'the Regiment', was missing in action...

>>By Majorette   (Sunday, 14 Mar 2004 21:15)


Scroll down to Tuesday, Feb 24 -- "The Mike Coburn Story"

The video clip shows 10:35 mins but actually the MC interview is only about the first 5:40 mins... (in between fundraising and NZ Idol)

Had to grin; very neat hearing MC interviewed but it seems he's a man of few words... much to Mr. Holmes' chagrin... :o)



Breaking SAS rank and silence
22 February 2004

"The ill-fated Bravo Two Zero mission in Iraq is probably the most controversial ever undertaken by an SAS unit. New Zealander Mike Coburn, a member of the patrol, has been fighting for five years to give his version of what happened. Lauren Quaintance meets him.

When Mike Coburn downed his crutches and eased himself into a chair in front of his commanding officer for the first time after the end of the Gulf War in 1991, the delicate clink of champagne glasses being delivered on a tray suggested there was going to be a celebration. Beside him were three of the four other members of his SAS unit who had survived a botched operation in Northern Iraq two months earlier.... "

>>By am-i-binned   (Wednesday, 17 Mar 2004 17:18)

I just read the article you mentioned, AIB and was wondering what parts of the previous books are considered to be so damaging to Vince Phillips? Having read B20 a couple of times, I don't recall getting that impression at all. The only thing AM says is that VP should have said that he was feeling badly, then almost immediately says he (AM) should have known there was something wrong with VP and acted accordingly. I got the impression from the book that he was feeling he let VP down, but they all did the best they could with what they had and knew at the time.

I also don't understand the comment "Andy McNab's testosterone-fuelled account". His account comes across very low-key, though the language is raw, as anyone would expect who's been in the military. Even the most refined and educated individuals loosen up a bit in like circumstances, and AM has never laid claim to being refined or highly educated.

Well anyway, I am looking forward to the book and hope all goes well with MC.

>>By Dare   (Wednesday, 17 Mar 2004 18:30)

My book doesn't look like the book in that video clip...

>>By bikergirl   (Wednesday, 17 Mar 2004 18:39)

The book in the clip, Bikergirl, is the NZ edition. Maybe PAULL knows why NZ published in paperback instead of hardback...

>>By am-i-binned   (Wednesday, 17 Mar 2004 19:03)

A very long, interesting article....


Blowing the SAS's Sover Up

.... For a legend, Mike Coburn seems normal, and real, enough. Of average height, stocky, with dark hair and open features, he served first in his native New Zealand SAS before joining the mother regiment in England. .... Yet if you believe the British government, he is a dangerous person indeed. "Oh, if Bin Laden wasn’t around, I’d be enemy number one," he says, "I’ve no doubt about it. The way they’ve gone after me over the years is amazing." ....

.... I ask if he thinks he has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of Bravo Two Zero. He sucks in his breath before answering: "Looking back on it now, yes, I think I did. I know some of the other guys still do. But you suppressed it. Some guys dealt with it better than others." And that’s all he will say, clearly not about to open up to a stranger. ....

>>By am-i-binned   (Friday, 19 Mar 2004 09:09)

Latest in the court saga for Mike Coburn from the NZ Herald.

Legal action likely over profits from SAS book


More court battles look inevitable over money from Soldier Five, the book by New Zealand commando Mike Coburn about the failed SAS mission behind Iraqi enemy lines in the 1990 Gulf War.

Coburn says he wrote his book to put the record straight after others in the squad penned highly fictionalised accounts.

He wanted to share any profits with the families of fallen comrades.

Yesterday at the High Court in Auckland, Justice John Doogue sealed a High Court decision, reflecting a Court of Appeal decision that Coburn had a valid contract with the British MOD.

The Court of Appeal ruled 2 1/2 years ago that any publication of information from Coburn's time with the SAS would be a breach of the confidentiality contract he signed.

The appeal court refused to issue an injunction but Coburn would have to account for profits to the MOD.

It was ordered by consent yesterday that Coburn file an affidavit showing receipts and payments relating to the book by April 30.

He has agreed to the accounting in accordance with the contract, and has already voluntarily filed an affidavit showing his receipts and payments.

Bernard Brown, QC, and Chris Finlayson, appearing for Her Majesty's Attorney-General for England and Wales, said that under the contract their client was entitled to any money from the book.

Coburn's lawyer, Warren Templeton, said the issue of profit and expenses would be argued in court hearings in the months to come.

So far, profits had gone to repay money advanced to fight the case.

Outside the court Mr Templeton said that having failed to get an injunction stopping the book, the MOD was now going for the money.

>>By PAULL   (Friday, 19 Mar 2004 12:31)

Re: "Blowing the SAS's Cover Up" article AIB posted above...

The last paragraph left the biggest impression on me. Coburn said,

"You know, this is another thing: Bravo Two Zero is a piece of insignificant military history. The controversy that surrounds it is well out of proportion to the deed. I was involved in a lot more operations that were more significant and more rewarding..."

At some level, it must be very frustrating to those men that the one event that made them famous (and in some cases rich) was the job that was a complete f**k up. I wish we could give proper appreciation to all of their successful jobs that came off without a hitch.

>>By Majorette   (Friday, 19 Mar 2004 17:49)

That's very true, Maj. Sadly, people like to hear about the failures. If they don't have a failure to latch onto, they'll tear into a "success" looking for a f**k-up or scandal somewhere. Can't understand the need to tear down others.

So even when people publish info about the successes, there are tons of people who second-guess and say they didn't do enough or did too much, or had evil, base or shallow motives, or were too stupid to think for themselves and show initiative or showed too much initiative in their judgements, taking matters in their own hands instead of following orders to a "t".

>>By Dare   (Friday, 19 Mar 2004 18:14)

Have a look at www.soldierfive.com. Its very innovative!!

>>By PAULL   (Friday, 30 Apr 2004 07:30)

Just had a look at that web site but would not fancy reading a whole book on line, too uncomfortable I think!

Did you know that there is a village called Paull on the River Humber, UK?

>>By camban   (Tuesday, 11 May 2004 12:13)

I finished Soldier Five last week, and it was an excellent read.

I think it gives the whole account an accurate portrayal, although we will never know the truth...

Well worth grabbing a copy, better than b20 and The one that got away... in my opinion

>>By srowlandson   (Wednesday, 12 May 2004 02:04)

Uh-oh, you've got me thinking now, swrolandson.... (and, ouch, yeah, it does hurt thank you very much! ;oP ) ---

Given that we now have these three accounts of what happened to the B20 patrol, I'm wondering what reading sequence I would recommend to someone unfamiliar with the story. Thoughts, anyone?

>>By am-i-binned   (Wednesday, 12 May 2004 03:30)


I think:

TOTGA, B20, Soldier Five,

As thats the reverse order which i think they are both accurate and in quality.

that way they just keep getting better.

TOTGA was a bit of a let down, clearly it shows Ryan trying to say how HE is the man, should have been in control, blames everyone else for all the failed components of the mission and announces to the world he is the real hero for killing hundreds, some with his bare hands and walking to safety.

in reality. i think AM and MC are both unlucky to be caught so close to the border, but what possessed them to drive a vehicle into a heavily populated area, and high in military activity is beyond me. But, hindsight is a wonderful thing ;)


>>By srowlandson   (Wednesday, 12 May 2004 10:02)

Looking for something else, I just stumbled on this article....


Unless my brain cells have totally given up the ghost, I don't remember reading this before, cuz I'm sure I would have remembered reading that they wouldn't let MC get married in uniform!!! That's just plain WRONG!

>>By am-i-binned   (Wednesday, 19 May 2004 16:57)

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