Lucy Maud Montgomery


i love anne. i wonder why i am the only one to write a comment on this book

>>By savage   (Sunday, 4 Sep 2005 11:02)


You are no longer the only one.

>>By Verb   (Sunday, 10 Dec 2006 04:57)

Gilbert Gilbert the romance between his character and Anne
sort of made me want to die my hair red.
But I was afraid I'd end up Green.

>>By isayhello2u   (Saturday, 30 Dec 2006 00:29)

The Anne of Green Gables series made me into a reader-
-I owe a huge debt to L.M. . She is a woman who helped me never wait too long (cause I always have a book), never despair about a late plane (cause I have a book), never be bored (cause I have a book), and always TRY to listen (because I did it so often!)

>>By iwishiwereabondgirl   (Monday, 8 Jan 2007 10:49)

i like anne a lot, but i think the emily series is much better.

>>By raspberry_juice   (Saturday, 3 Mar 2007 21:54)

I like Emily a lot more too because it she was more like me. But Anne was my introduction to Lucy Maud Montgomery. i was a "orphan heroine' groupie having read Rebecca of Sunnybrook and Heidi before Anne. But Anne was something I held on to while growing up. I got one of her books in the series for each of my birthdays, so my growing up was intrinsically linked to Anne growing up too. alas no Gilbert yet.

>>By SpaceMonkey   (Monday, 7 Nov 2011 16:26)

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