Jostein Gaarder


I have read about Sophie's World twice, but I still confused which one is real Sophie or Hilde?

>>By ika b. ismiyanti   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 13:00)

i feel like i am sophie when i was reading the book she was me i was her .At the time when i learned she was a novel (maybe realize is more suitable!!) character you have to see my dissappointment...especially after ancient times philospher the book become more exciting and more detective stories..
people who dont want to be like' rabbit ' to the world sholud read it

>>By ada   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 13:00)

I wanna be a rabbit to the world so I dont agree with this book. I did not like what Ada said about being a rabbit I feel she was being judgemental and there is nothing wrong with being a rabbit. I just need a bit help that is all.

>>By cheeks   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 13:00)

There is nothing wrong with being a rabbit, but they do not question their existence.
How do we not know whether we are also part of the Major's book?

>>By philos   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 13:00)

being a rabit? what r u talkin bout? it's not bout being the rabit it's about the world being the rabit and where you are in it? But i agree there is nothing wrong with living deep in the fur. Living at the tips only angers and frustrates me, makes me hate everyone living at the bottom, and i figure that's not the way to live the physical life.

>>By person   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 13:00)

I think that Jostein Gaarder is a great novelist, Having written a fiction and a textbook in one is an amazing talent. The book, not only made me realize the true essence of being who I am, but it also made me see that to live in this world full of doubt and uncertainty, one should question the roots of all that was made its foundation, and thus gain knowledge of a better world.

>>By Dianne Shari   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 13:57)

yeah its a very good book!! its good to be in the tip of the fur of the rabbit.. where you can see the other wonders of the magician. its really kinda amusing at the middle coz its already settled in my mind that Hilde is the true character there... its really a good primer for a beginner to explore more things thats going on their minds... im quite confused coz who knows we are only a part of the major's book as philos stated.. right?? and theres only one force that moves everything... Read it!!

>>By macko   (Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003 15:22)

His books make me feel that i don't exist at all......
but it also reminds me......that i have the responsibility to find the answers.......for my existence.......

>>By Ocean7   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 05:07)

I started to read Sophie's World and got to about the ninth chapter and I gave up. It was such a confusing story.

>>By The White Rabbit.....   (Sunday, 11 May 2003 15:46)

you have to find the answers for your existance, that is the only thing that matters in life , and nothing else matters
don't care what it's gonna take or happen , you have to jump out !
by the way ocean7 , are you sure there is an exictance? is it real ? ;)

>>By the unplugged   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 22:53)

so, i think it was a really amazing story about philosophy because u see at first i didn't know any thing bout philosophy and i'd rather stay away about around selfish maybe but ..when i read the preview bout the stories..suddenly i get interested in philosophy and what is really happen in our world..askin bout GOD sometimes..but it gave me some nice point of views..and 'till now..i really like Jostein's books

>>By gadis   (Wednesday, 21 May 2003 12:06)

I thought this book was just awesome- I am utterly and totally obsessed with it. Yeah, there are the silly naysayers who will denounce this book as being too boring, especially for those who already have an idea about Western philo. They obviously don't know what they're saying!!!!!!!!! I've had a two-year background and yet I find myself thoroughly entralled with the book's beautiful take on philo. I will admit though that I found it at times banal (as it was meant for a far younger audience than myself)! Nevertheless, I considered the book to grow in literary decisiveness beyond page 350. Of course, that was part of the problem- I kept yearning for the plot to improve, and found it to be a letdown that this author waited until that far into the book to make it truly intriguing! Although, I will give leniency to him, and I'll suppose it to have been the translator's fault. Besides, I've heard other versions to have been better than the English one.
Overall, the book contains the great urges of suspense of Stephen King, and develops in the reader an impassioned yearning toward philosophy. Heaven knows it did it to me!!!!!!!! I've not had such a creative high in a very long time, and I'm waiting to either reread this book or start on The Solitaire Mystery!

>>By odette   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 15:26)

I've read S's W, the solitaire mystery, Maya, the Christmas mystery, through a glass, darkly and the ringmaster's daughter. i love them all! My absolute fave is the soliatire mystery. My friend and I spent years trying to work out the card calendar, with not much luck so far.

anyone asking bout soph and hilde, neither are real in my mind. sophie is read about by hilde. Hilde is read about by us. In the same way, the question is posed, who writes the book of our lives, and who reads it?

>>By Catherine   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 12:44)

Everything I ever believed and felt,I found it in that book.Sophie's world,the solitaire mystery and Maya are dedicated to the people who feel different and especially to the ones who first realised it by reading them.I'll try my best to wake up as many people as I can,and get them out of the rabbit's fur.

>>By Blazer   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 15:59)

Sophie's World is like a catalog published so as to guide you to read philosophers' works chronologically. Willingly or not, the author oversimplifies the titles of major philosophical branches. He unfortunately both breaks the branches and my heart also.

>>By felmar   (Tuesday, 8 Jul 2003 12:17)

Sophie's world is still confusing me. It just gives you the feeling that nothing's really and that the world's going to end when you finish the book. And I still have an essay to write on it. Please help someone. I persinally would rather stay save and warm in the rabbit's fur. The tip of the fur makes my head hurt.

>>By Eros   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 05:43)

I'D LIKE TO BE THE MAGICIAN... is that even possible?

In my opnion J. Gaarder's Sophies World, provides the reader with stimulating thoughts to begin the jounrney into the 'unknown'. I guess under J.G's terms, it tells the 'reader' to WAKE UP!!

My question to all who is reading 'this' is... "Have you seen the Magician 'face to face'?"

>>By the child   (Saturday, 13 Dec 2003 23:35)

I agree with Catherine. Sophie is a character in Hilde's dad book while Both of them are actually characters in Jostein Gaarder's book. The question is, Jostein Gaarder is a character in whose book? Is that what he is telling us to think n i wonder what happened to Sophie n Albert when they escaped from being characters in book? Sophie's world is a riddle even at the ending. I think Jostein is like a riddler from Batman. Just finished Solitaire Mystery. Beautiful and it leaves me satisfied rather than in question like Sophie's world. Its amazing how Jostein created the plot...highly intellect cos he kinda mixes fantasy n reality. The question again, whats real?

>>By nurakira   (Wednesday, 10 Mar 2004 10:54)

hallo everybody,
first of all im a very good fun of jostein gaardner and i red all his book and i dont think you need to be intelligente if you have passion for it.
secondly i dont think also he is a sad man because im also looking for the same answers and im atheo but not for this im a sad only not satisfy my thirst of sorry for my wrighting im italian and my wrighting is not very good.

>>By squalo   (Saturday, 13 Mar 2004 20:22)

In tenth grade I did an essay on philosophy, and for some reason I did not know about philosophy until very recently before this ... (very odd) ... and my teacher recommended Sophie's World to me. So I read it, and I loved it. One of my favorite books. I want to buy it and read it again sometime. I love the concept of it all. I love how all of the history was incorporated into it. I love that it teaches history while being sci-fi. And it's inspired me a bit as well. And I could grasp and relate with all of the concepts. In fact, I think I want Gaarder's brain...

>>By CĂT   (Monday, 19 Apr 2004 21:59)

I reallyyyyyyy enjoyed reading this philosophical novel ... because I'm fond of novels, I enjoyed the imaginary parts more than the philosophical parts

>>By Chackavak   (Tuesday, 22 May 2007 20:28)

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