John Keel


Wlith all due respect to Mr. Keel's posturing, I don't think John Keel believes in extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials or anything else for that matter. That being said, I think he's a worthy heir to the mantle of Charles Fort. Both are, in my opinion, literary absurdists, not paranormal researchers. The true Cosmic Pranksters are (in my humble opinion) Charles Fort and John Keel. If, in both cases, you suspend disbelief(I most certainly do), you can read both authors with enjoyment and interest. They can even be, within their bounds, provocative. But believe them? Never. Read them as a way of blowing your own mind. Charles Fort and John Keel are at their best when they engage in absurdist cosmological speculation. Keel's belief that we're the playthings of higher, indifferent Beings might even have more cosmological truth than we're prepared to grant it. Robert Anton Wilson, a like-minded literary creature, owes both Fort and Keel a huge debt of gratitude. If you're a 'believer,' well, you're going to plunge into the Abyss with Mr. Keel. If you're a disbeliever, and you're prepared to take a vacation from objective reality, jump right in and let absurdity take you where it will. In other words, treat it like a cross between speculative fiction and fanciful speculation. Proceed with caution and enjoy.

>>By Greg Cameron   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 23:12)

well Mr. Cameron;

All I have to say to you sir is; seeing is believing, if you ever want to venture out and witness mothmen for yourself, we have a flock of them in MO.
These creatures are mentioned in sacrad texts also, the Bible for one, book of revelation, they are the winged beasts that protect Gods throne, with the 'eyes' on their wings, thats my opinion of course.

Thank you Mr. Keel, at least we know that we are not completely crazy,

>>By Sherri   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 17:07)

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