Jim Harrison


hey everybody-harrison is great.if you like buk or mcguane or harry crews or carson mccullers,youve got to check out jim harrisn.wolf,dalva,the road home.or any of the novellas[especially the brown dog ones]

>>By goddog   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 08:52)

Yes, goddog knows his stuff. Jim Harrison has greatness burning in his soul. Stop wasting your time with N.Y. Times bestseller garbage and take a side trip down a forest path with Harrison.

>>By Persevere   (Wednesday, 15 Oct 2003 02:07)

I cant believe that Persevere and I are the only ones to recognize what a treasure Harrison is . Wake up people . long after most of the pablum being published nowadays is forgotten Harrison will still be garnering fresh printings .

>>By goddog   (Saturday, 17 Jan 2004 09:26)

Jim Harrison,

He writes in a fashion that pays tribute to real men. He is not PC. and his characters generally enjoy the solutude of wilderness, sometimes there is a good fishing or hunting fragment that I find refreshing. If you havent read Harrison you are missing out. His poems are good also.

>>By Bamboo Bill   (Monday, 6 Aug 2007 18:13)

Oh, Harrison is a gem. I think he is one of America's greatest writers. I have been in love with his short fiction, poetry, and his latest, Returning to Earth. It was not received all that well, but I thought it was great.

Don't cheat yourself by looking ahead, but I think that the last sentence in the story finally puts the book together. I actually think he wrote that sentence first and then the book before it.

Great book.

>>By Al C   (Tuesday, 21 Aug 2007 12:53)

One of my favorites for some time now. Caught him on A. Bourdain recently and found that entertaining. Love that he is writing his butt off right now. English Major was great...brought a bunch of his writings full circle. Wont see that one on a silver screen anytime soon but well done. I thought about comparing him to McGuane but it just puts him in that box, he's on his own in my opinion - you will know what I mean after you get into his pages.

>>By jadailey   (Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009 00:03)

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