Janet Frame


i had never even heard of janet frame until i was looking through the foreign movie section of my local video store and i noticed the movie 'an angel at my table' which is based on her autobiography of the same name. . .

i rented it and loved it, so i looked into janet frame's works.

after reading 'owls do cry', 'faces in the water', and 'yellow flowers in the antipodean room' i'm absolutely hooked. . .

it's rare that a novelist writes with such poetry. i've read beautiful books. .but none as beautiful as hers. each line sings like a song. . .she's an amazing and completely underrated writer.

i've gobbled up all that my local library has to offer and now i'm awaiting the arrival of 'intensive care', 'the carpathians', and 'a state of siege'.

i higly recommend her books to anyone. . .and especially anyone interested in the inner secrets of an insane mind.

>>By drowninginflame   (Tuesday, 2 Oct 2007 04:00)

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