Honore De Balzac


hey, people. read some novels of balzacs "human comedy".
honoré de balzac (1799-1850) is a french author, the greatest of his time. With his storys he gives a picture of national history and human passion, very interesting. and hey, i have been to his house in paris which is a museum now, really nice there.and this guy did have books of jean-jaques rousseau, you know that great philosoph, interesting to read too :)

>>By sunflower2   (Monday, 15 Aug 2005 22:09)

I've read "La Peau de chagrin" (The Wild Ass's Skin), which was the first "roman philosophique" of Balzac. Its a great book which I recommend to anyone. He was a realist writer, yet the great irony of this book is how the whole story rests on a magic skin which grants its owner, Raphael, wishes, but contracts whenever he does so and for some bizarre reason, shortens his life span. Balzac bases this whole story in the city of Paris, which for itself can be taken for a philosophical medium through which such a story can evolve, reflecting the advancements in science of the time. The book is rife with medical, biological and mechanical references, which are all opposed by the theme of the "Fantastic". This anti-realist element of the Balzac's work has provided much speculation over the nature of his philosophical theories, since he was not merely a novelist, but wrote the whole of "The Human Comedy" as an analysis of his society. Along with Stendhal, he is considered the great realist writer of French literature, and is a must for anyone interested in modern French literature, Realism, Surrealism...

>>By mathu   (Tuesday, 16 Aug 2005 13:09)

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